Protect Your hair from the HEAT!

For some of us, putting heat to our hair is a necessity. Wether it's for a length check, protective styling, or a stretching method we all use it. The problem is using heat on hair can be very damaging and can result in breakage. 

To protect your hair when heat styling, try using our Miracle Moringa leave-in conditioner and curl butter. The leave-in conditioner aids in providing your hair with moisture to prevent drying. Our curl butter is a mix of cocoa and shea butter. The ingredients in our products coat your hair strands to lock in moisture and act as a heat protectant. 

Remember when using our products a LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. With this Dynamic Duo you can be sure to rock your hair however you please without the worry of hair damage. Don't be afraid of the Heat! Just be prepared for it!